Special Workshop – Cuba Offshore Data Presentation

Delegates will receive an exclusive insight into the very latest information and analysis provided by CUPET further to the results of the extensive BGP 2D multi-client survey offshore Cuba.

Carried out by BGP Marine; the data is the result of 18 months of extensive work over 27,000 km of 2D long-offset, high resolution, broadband seismic and gravity data. The survey specifically targets the Cuba Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico areas.

The underexplored offshore Cuba contains large areas of open acreage. The presence of an active hydrocarbon system is indicated by oil and gas shows in some of the wells.


The survey has been designed to acquire data that will be fundamental in assisting the interpretation of the geology in the offshore Cuba, and the identification of prospective structural and stratigraphic trends that can be used for regional evaluation and future detailed seismic survey designs.

The final data will be officially launched at this exclusive workshop hosted by BGP which will take place on 4th December ahead of the main conference.

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