Workshop 26th September 2017

The following programme has been created in conjunction with Chevalier Law Firm to provide US companies a platform to understand the process of operating in Cuba and the opportunities Cuba has to offer:

Workshop: Tuesday 26th September 2017

14:00 – 14:30

Registration and Coffee

14:30 – 15:30

Panel 1

State of Affairs – Legislative Outlook & Economic Analysis of Trump Administration & US – Cuba Trade

Moderator: Richard Roffman, Group Publisher, Cuba Trade Magazine 


State/Industry reports - JP Faber, Editor in Chief, Cuba Trade Magazine 

Overview of President Trump's Policy - Felix Chevalier, Founding Partner, The Chevalier Law Firm

Legislatvie update/bills - Collin Laverty, President, Cuba Educational Travel

MSc. Maria Yodalis Hernandez Bernal, Head of Business Group, Empresa de Perforacion y Extraccion de Petroleo del Centro, Union Cuba-Petroleo (CUPET)

Eng. Yahima Borrego Plata, Legal Advisor, Union Cuba Petroleo (CUPET)

15:30 – 15:50

Refreshment Break

15:50 – 16:50

Panel 2

Can the Oil and Gas Sector “Power” Renewed Trade Negotiations?

Moderator: Dennis Hatchet, CEO, The Vessel Group


US and Cuba collaboration for environmental safety and security - Lee Hunt, General Partner, Hunt Petty LLP 

Secure and sustainable energy supply sources - Rob Donaldson, Vice President of NGL Domestic and International Marketing and Transporation, Targa Resources

Eng. Eredio Puentes Gonzalez, General Director Assistant, Union Cuba Petroleo (CUPET)

Lic. Sonia Loureiro Rodríguez, Legal Department Commercial Manager, Union Cuba Petroleo (CUPET)

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